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When you have your vehicle serviced at TJS Motors you qualify for free oil, coolant and washer fluid top-ups for a whole year. Book your service with us now - we go that extra mile...


Since October 2003 European legislation (1400/2002 BER) has changed the way cars may be serviced and repaired. This gives motorists much more freedom in their decision as to who should look after their cars. 

Before BER it was very difficult to have cars that were still covered by the manufacturers warranty serviced anywhere except a franchised dealer.

Now motorists can use any garage of their choice to service their cars without invalidating the manufacturers warranty – providing certain conditions* are met.

We have the latest computer software, which allows us to print out the manufacturers service schedule exactly as required. Your vehicle will be serviced as per the approved schedule using only approved parts and lubricants by a skilled qualified technician.

You receive a copy of the completed checklist and your service book will be stamped accordingly.

The difference? - You can pay up to 50% less when having your car serviced at TJS Motors.

For a manufacturers service estimate please telephone reception on 01438 35 62 89.

To prepare an estimate we need the following information:

• Make

• Model

• Year of manufacture

• Engine size

• Petrol or Diesel

• and if possible, full registration number

* At TJS Motors we ensure all conditions are met to protect your vehicles warranty.

To book a service please telephone reception on 01438 35 62 89.


Designed for vehicles outside of the original manufacturers warranty, we carry out an exacting service. Over 120 separate service inspections replacements and adjustments are carried out in the case of the major (annual) service and over 60 on the interim (6 monthly) service. In bothcases you receive a full report and the old parts are returned foryour inspection.

TJS Motors services in many cases exceeds the manufacturers number of service operations, and service parts are included in the price quoted!


Our Major service covers over 120 separate checks and service operations. We would recommend this service as an annual or 12,000 mile service.


Our interim service covers over 30 separate checks and adjustments and is designed to cover the requirements of a 6,000 mile or 6 monthly service.

To book a service please telephone reception on 01438 35 62 89.


Our clean, modern, fully equipped workshop and highly skilled staff can undertake a full range of mechanical repairs.

We will give you an accurate estimate on repairs before any work commences and no extra work is ever carried out without your permission.

We subscribe to various industry databases to ensure we have access to any technical information relating to your vehicle. The information is printed on a job to job basis to guarantee only the most up to date information is used. Part of our quality system ensures all measuring tools such as torque wrenches etc. are regularly calibrated by external calibration specialists.

TJS Motors only use quality replacement parts and lubricants which carry a full warranty. When a repair has been carried out we always return the old parts (after all, they’re your property!) or ensure they are available for your inspection.

To book your vehicle in please telephone reception on 01438 35 62 89.


Many of today’s cars are fitted with air conditioning to make driving more comfortable. Like all mechanical devices air conditioning systems need regular attention to make sure they remain efficient and hygienic.

Along with most manufacturers TJS Motors recommend your air conditioning system is serviced every 24 months.

At TJS Motors we have the very latest air conditioning diagnostic equipment operated by qualified technicians.

This not only allows us to service and re-gas any system, but also allows us to diagnose faults quickly and efficiently.

An air conditioning service includes the following points:

• In-car checks for musty odours and excessive condensation

• Drain and evacuate the air conditioning system

• Visually check the oil that is separated during the evacuation process for contamination

• Recharge the system’s refrigerant gas

• Replace oil removed during evacuation

• Check operation and condition of compressor drive belt

• Visually inspect the refrigerant pressure lines, hoses and connections for leaks and damage

• Check cooling fan operation

• Check that all drains are clear and free from obstruction


• The bacteria in your car can be hazardous to your health!

• When air conditioning isn't in use, condensation builds up on the evaporator and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi. When warmer weather arrives and the air conditioning is turned on, these unpleasant and unhealthy bacteria can be vented into the cabin. You may notice there is a problem because of an unpleasant smell. However quite often you can't tell you are breathing in these harmful bacteria.

Benefits of Air Conditioning Decontamination:

• Kills the mould and fungi that can affect your health and driving comfort.

• Improves air quality.

• Deodorises the interior of the vehicle.

• Removes build up of bacteria colonies.

• Includes a complete inspection of the entire air conditioning system.

• Gives you and your family the peace of mind that you're travelling in a cleaner and healthier environment.

To book your vehicle in please telephone reception on 01438 35 62 89.


Most modern engines are fitted with a timing or cam belt. These have to be changed in accordance with the manufacturers recommendations. Problems arise when vehicles have changed ownership or have stopped following the manufacturers service schedule. A visual inspection of a timing belts is not sufficient, as due to their laminated construction, they may look serviceable on the top surface whilst the bottom or middle is deteriorating. The answer is simple. If you don’t know when the belt was last replaced it’s a good idea to get it done as soon as possible. If the timing belt fails, on the vast majority of engines, serious damage results. Running into several thousand pounds if the damage is extensive. 

TJS Motors has the specialist alignment and measuring tools to replace any timing belt quickly and efficiently at a set price. 

When changing timing belts, many manufacturers recommend replacement, not only of the belt, but also of ancillary pulleys. When comparing prices please note we only ever fit a full timing belt kit including any necessary ancillaries.

To book timing belt replacement or obtain an estimate, telephone reception on 01438 356289.


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